Some Faults Are Good Things

A good friend of mine loves big, tannic red wines. (A wine with “ass,” as he’d so delicately put it.) He also likes it when the wine has an earthy, musty quality. He once described this quality as “basement like.” Now, many readers will know that “basement like” or a musty, cardboard smell is a […]

Why the Critics of Wine Certification Programs are Wrong.

The Internet is awash these days in opinions about everything the value of wine certification programs. Some people are for them. Some are against. But while some criticisms have merit, the most common one – that a “piece of paper” is nothing compared to real-life experience – is baffling. My initial response to this observation is: Well, duh. […]

The Wine Storytellers have Abandoned their Posts.

In The Culture Code, psychiatrist cum brand consultant, Clotaire Rapaillle, explains how identical products can be seen in vastly different ways, depending upon the culture in which the product is being consumed. One example he uses is cheese. In his native country, France, cheese is connected to life. It is seen as a living food, enjoyed […]