Truffled Chicken, Sunday-Night Pizza Style. 

Truffled chicken, or Chicken in Half Mourning, is a French dish that is made by inserting slices of fresh black truffles under the skin of a whole chicken that is then oven roasted. Ideally, the dish would be paired with an old red or white Burgundy wine. 

I, however, had a much thriftier idea for enjoying an approximation of this Michelin restaurant experience. 

Instead of a region-specific French hen, I used a pizza topped with roasted chicken.  Instead of pricey truffles, I obtained a fresh, good quality black truffle sea salt (from my local Spice and Tea Exhange.) And instead of the truffle and fois gras reduction, I used Alfredo sauce and goat cheese for added richness. 

The classic wine pairing for the dish is a vintage red or white Burgundy. Instead of a French Chardonnay, I used a Charles Smith Washington State Chardonnay, Eve, a highly regarded wine that cost around $14. 

This successful adaptation of a classic French pairing to everyday American food and wines proved that, like truffle salt, even a little (budget) can go a long way. 

The SWIRLosopher is Sean Trapani, a professor emeritus of advertising who - despite a degree in philosophy - has abandoned all reason and is trying to make a living in the wine business.

Ape Artwork (c) 2014 Walter Moore, used with permission.