About Sean

A Background in Teaching, a Passion for Wine and Food

Sean Trapani, sommelier, The Villages, FLA bottle may be a vessel for wine. But a wine is a vessel for a story.

I learned this lesson while teaching advertising courses at the Savannah College of Art and Design. While there, one of my responsibilities as a professor was to develop projects that allowed students to brand various products. Of all the projects we worked on together, one was a consistent favorite: the one that focused on wine.

Years after I left the college and returned to the corporate world, I realized how much I missed telling stories about wine and the joy of teaching, in general. So one day I walked away from corporate America, jumped on a jet plane, and went to wine school in London, England. From there I brought back an even greater enthusiasm for the power and poetry of the world’s great (and good) wines. It was, perhaps, the formal beginning of my journey. But hopefully, not the end.

It is in this spirit that I created WineFluent, so that I may continue my apprenticeship as I help others learn about wine (without having to worry about graded homework).

When I’m not hosting wine tasting workshops, you’ll find me working at a local wine shop and – in my spare time – pursuing my food-and-wine-pairing passion with friends, especially with a small, social wine group I created.