Your Partners for Making Magic with Wine.

Our founder, Sean Trapani – a former college professor and ad exec – dreamed up the idea for Wine Fluent while finishing up sommelier school in London, England. That setting, it seems, was to be important. Because it wasn’t a glass of wine that inspired him. It was a cup of tea.

He was enjoying the company of some of his new British friends one afternoon and asked about the tea he was drinking: a strong “builders tea” (Builders tea is British slang for a tea that’s strong enough to put hair on the chest of a builder, e.g., construction worker.) The conversation drifted into the British ritual of daily tea. Sean asked the group why this daily habit had remained such a cultural fixture. To this, his new friends simply said, “Sean. It’s not about the tea.”

Upon hearing this, Sean dreamed of returning to the States to help people use good wine to experience something great; as a means for getting closer to friends and colleagues. More than just a social lubricant, a wine “sherpa” can help people engage the hearts, minds, and of course, the taste buds of all who attend.

In addition to his two wine credentials (WSET 3 and CSW), Sean has worked on the retail and wholesale sides of the wine business. He has been a working sommelier and was a frequent contributor to “Ocala Style” magazine, writing articles about the local food and wine scene.


Barbie Veguilla is the bright, talented wine guide who works alongside Sean. She is an experienced wine consultant with several years of “in the trenches” experience working with fine wines, premium spirits, and hand-rolled cigars. Her extensive background in dance and theatre helps bring energy and fun to our events (be sure to ask her about using interpretive modern dance as a way to better appreciate a fine Merlot).

She is continuing her wine education as she works toward earning her degree in French and business, making her a triple threat two times over. Not only does she act, sing and dance, she’ll soon speak English, Spanish, and French.









Sean Trapani’s credentials include: