What Aristotle Can Teach Wine Critics

In an article about Warren Winiarski, Dorothy Gaiter asked the legendary Stags Leap Wine Cellars vintner about the process he used to evaluate his wines. He [Winiarski] explained to me that “to be complete, a wine has to have three fundamental things. It has to have a beginning. It has to have a middle. And […]

Taming the Wild Artichoke

Wine and food pairing enthusiasts will already know the wonderful insights afforded by British wine writer, Fionna Beckett. A celebrated wine-writing veteran, Beckett is one of my go-tos for inspiration when planning food and wine adventures. But even an expert’s advice can lead one astray, especially with something as subjective as personal tastes. To wit, […]

Working in Wine Takes Lots of Concentration

You remember Concentration, don’t you? It’s the precursor of the fancier, boxed Memory game. In Concentration, the player spreads an entire deck of Mom or Dad’s playing cards faced-down on a table. Then, the object of the game is to turn over two cards that match. I don’t remember being particularly good at Concentration when […]